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Reasons to Choose Cellophane Bags

Cellophane is a biodegradable product that often is referred to as plastic, but it is actually not plastic and is made of cellulose a plant material. It is great for storing materials because it resists moisture. It also restricts bacteria build up making it ideal for food storage, and it has the distinction of being FDA approved. Besides food storage cellophane materials are ideal for other uses such as crafting project, gift giving as well as others.

confetti cellophane bagsCellophane Bags can be use to wrap a gift basket to give to that special someone for a special occasion. You simple add the items in the basket and tie the bag on the top. You can add bath accessories or you can choose food, cookies and candies to add to the basket, and you never have to worry about freshness. Since, the content would remain intact for a long time. They protect your food from dirt and debris while keeping the food fresh. You can find a bag to fit most baskets, and the bag not only provides storage they make your items look more attractive and professional.

Store your clothing, photographs, family heirloom and any other items that you want to preserve into cellophane bags. Get a heat sealer or use a blow dryer to seal the items until you need them. Since, the cellophane is moisture resistant your items will remain in good condition until reopen.

Normally when you think of cellophane bags the first thing that comes to mind are the clear cello bags. However, cellophane bags come in various shapes to accommodate a variety of items such as craft projects, wedding favors, cosmetics and gift items such as flat, gusseted, printed and square. These different sizes and shapes allow you to display your items better. Add a tag of your choice, a bow or label and you have a unique creation that will wow everyone.

cellophane bags for candy wrappingAnother nice advantage of using these types of bag, they are available in different strength such as lightweight, medium weight and heavy weight. So, depending on what you are wrapping you will have the right strength to ensure your items are secured.

As you can see, cellophane bags are a great accessory item to have in the home at all times.

Cellophane Bags Q&A #1


I Need To Buy Some Cellophane Bags -from Ann Wilkinson
I need to buy some cellophane bags. I am hosting a party for my daughter this weekend and I am going to use them to hold the party favors that the guests will receive I am hoping that I will be able to find some that are related to the party’s theme. I might have to look online and see if I can find something that can be rush shipped if I am not able to find anything around here.

My daughter is so excited about the party. I am glad that I am able to do things like this for her. She is a really good kid and I am very proud of her. I just hope that she continues to do well in school and be kind to others. I know that the party is going to be a success with her peers. I am sure everyone will have a lot of fun.


Is your daughter  a feminine girl? Maybe you want to try and find bags with a lipstick theme or maybe some that are pink and white? You could fill the bags with things like lip glosses and sunglasses. Things that most girls would like to have. I know this has been successfully done in the past :-)

Cellophane Bags Q&A #2

Q: I Need Cellophane Bags For My New Business -from Kim

I need to purchase some cellophane bags for my new business. I sell many different gift products online. I allow customers to purchase products that I then place into gift bags or gift baskets. It is important that I find a supplier that is reliable and is able to ship the items that I need promptly. I also need a supplier that has large quantities of items available so that they will not run out of the items that I need.

A lot of people purchase things for birthdays, graduations, and weddings. I think it is important that I get themed bags related to those occasions. I think that being able to offer them will make it very convenient for customers. They will be able to get all of the things that they need from one place. They won’t have to get things from separate stores. I believe in making things as easy as possible for customers. That is what my business is based on. I feel that doing this is what will allow me to stay in business for a long time. I really need this business to be successful and I don’t mind doing whatever it takes to do that.


Hi Kim!

Not really sure if I got your question there but have you tried finding some cellophane bags on Amazon? Best of luck with your business!